Packed Lunches, November 2020

Photo collage of the month's lunches

Things I made for work lunches in November.

Week of 11/2/20:

Chicken Yassa

Chicken Yassa with Carrot Salad

Again, one of my favorites... I gave a recipe for both the stew and the salad here. This week's yassa has three habaneros (it was that kind of a week) and the salad has golden raisins, coriander, honey, lemon juice, and salt and pepper.

Quesadillas and Roasted Veggies

Bean Quesadillas & Roasted Veggies

My partner made the giant pile of quesadillas, and I roasted the sesame-soy broccoli and green beans. (Amount pictured is intended to be eaten for two lunches.)

Week of 11/9/20:

Sambal Noodles

Beef Sambal Noodles & Roasted Romanesco Broccoli

I made these noodles again, substituting beef for the pork, substituting 3rd steeping lapsang souchong for the water, and adding a big handful of basil and cilantro to the sauce. Garnishes here are more cilantro and sliced Serrano peppers (my plant is still alive and producing!). On the side, Romanesco broccoli florets roasted with olive oil, salt, and black pepper.

Kale & Lentil Salad with Grilled Ham & Cheese on Dark Rye

This salad has become a favorite. It pairs well with a sandwich for a lunch that hits all your nutritional needs. (Amount pictured will probably be eaten over two lunches.)

Week of 11/16/20:

Aloo Gobi and Eggs

Aloo Gobi and Eggs

Last week there was a holiday on a Wednesday, which fucked up the shape of my usual workweek and cut my weekend short. Two days of this week's lunches were filled by my emergency freezer stash (chicken yassa, veggie pasta), and two were Aloo Gobi with a side of eggs — yet another failed attempt at tamagoyaki (Japanese rolled omelette). I like aloo gobi with eggs — it fills you up. I've previously made really good wraps with aloo gobi, scrambled eggs, homemade ricotta, and a sweet chutney.

Week of 11/23/20:

I had a short week (two days!) because of the holiday, so my lunches were leftover cleanups, and because each was packed the night before after it had gotten too dark there are no photos. Monday was chicken lentil stew with rice and yogurt, and Tuesday was another round of the burritos I'd made for the previous week's dinners ­— Mexican rice with mixed veggies, homemade refried beans, stewed and shredded chicken with citrus and dried chilis, and a mix of sharp cheddar, pepper jack, and cotija.