Books Read in 2017

This is a list of everything I read in 2017, with tallies by month and for the entire year. This is compiled from a draft post on a social media site and a text document I unearthed on my computer.

A ⌛︎ before a title indicates that I had not finished reading it.


Total: 5 books, 1 play, 13 academic papers


Total: 4 short academic works, 2 long poems/poetry collections


Total: 2 books, 3 short academic works, 9 short stories

April—July (couldn’t keep updated)

Total: 17 short stories, 5 academic papers, 7 other essays, 2 zines, 59 books, 1 comic

August—December (incomplete?)

Total: 7 novels, 1 academic book, 2 visual novels, 1 novella, 1 play, 2 academic papers, 7 short stories, 1 pamphlet

Year Total, for recorded amounts: