Reading Log, January—June 2021

Everything that I read in the first half of 2021, with some annotations.

It's been a while! In 2020 I maintained the habit of posting these lists (almost) every month, but when my workplace returned to in-person in January all my project habits fell apart. I did, however, manage to keep records of what I read. Here is a big-ass list; because I wasn't able to reconstruct a nice chronological list like I usually do, everything is split into categories this time. Here's hoping for shorter lists posted more frequently in the coming months.

A ⌛︎ before a title indicates that I have not finished reading it.

Novels & Novellas

Light Novels

Short Stories



Manga & Manhwa

Other Comics


Text-based Games & Writing on Games

Essays, papers, articles, etc.

Total: 24 novels and novellas plus 43 chapters of novels currently being written; 22 light novels; 14 short stories; 3 plays; 14 poems; 716 manga chapters; 2 full webcomics, 3 short comics, 172 webcomic updates; 2 zines; 6 text games and 2 pieces of game writing; 36 essays, articles, and papers.

NOTE: “work”

I work at a school, so things that I read for work were often read multiple times and had some kind of deep reading/analysis/discussion/teaching component to them.

NOTE: things not included

I have of course read many more things than are on this list because as an online person I am constantly bombarded with text. Anything that made it to this list had some quality such as “good” or “interesting” or “left an impression on me” or “I didn't forget about it immediately” or “I wanted to remember it so I made a note for later”.

NOTE: where to find things