Reading Log, September—December 2021

Almost everything that I read in the last third of 2021.

I found myself completely unable to keep up with these reading logs once summer ended — on top of my usual work at a public school, I also returned to college after a 10 year break, and covid has not made either of these things less stressful. Below is most of what I read, with some trims made for sanity's sake; the prospect of compiling and linking to 100+ articles is what had kept me from this task for so long, so I elected not to do so.

I also read much less recreational fiction than usual because I took a Shakespeare class during the fall and spent that time reading (and writing about) four plays multiple times. The materials I read/watched for that class, some assigned and some not, are in their own category at the end of this post.

A ⌛︎ before a title indicates that I have not finished reading it.


Short Stories

Light Novels


Interactive & Gaming



Shakespeare (and accompaniments)

Total: 4 completed and 6 partial novels; 34 short stories; 9 light novels; 5 plays; 395 webcomic chapters/updates and 63 manga chapters; 4 short text games/pieces of interactive fiction and 2 visual novel routes; 14 poems; 3 academic papers; and 108 articles, zines, and miscellanea.